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When the dreams of three generations unite!

In the heart of beautiful Bihor County, Romania, the Darabont family takes care of over 40 hectares of vineyard. Grown with passion, expertise and dedication so that wines made of carefully selected grapes can be on your table.

With traditional values, using the latest technologies and lots of devotion. We are:

The Familia Darabont winery



Winemaker blood has been flowing in the veins of the Darabont Family since the grandparents. This land has always played an important role in our lives and today we are working on proving that Bihor County can once again become a region of great wines and an important tourist destination.



With the love and attention of our devoted team, the vines of Familia Darabont are able to give life to grapes full of aromas and vitality. In the winery, these grapes are transformed by professionals, using the latest technologies, into wines worthy of special moments.



Our community has been, and always will be, our main support. This is why we work so hard to reintroduce the wines of Bihor County and the Crișana region into the international wine-scene. This region has been known as a producer of quality wines since the Middle Ages. Our goal is to bring our region’s wines on the tables of wine-lovers all over the world.



Biharia and Crișana region had been important historic wine regions until politics and the decisions of the agricultural economy interrupted their traditions. In over a century, the lands that once had vines as far as the eye could see, have forgotten about their own past. Until now. Wine culture has once again started to revitalize the slopes of Biharia as more and more producers are working on reigniting the flames of its heritage.

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Our wines are made exclusively from grapes harvested from our own vineyards. We apply only the most essential treatments in order to preserve the health and freshness of our grapes. We leave everything else to Mother Nature.

Patience and love: two of the most important virtues that can be found in every drop of Familia Darabont wine. Nothing is rushed on our vineyards and only the highest quality satisfies us during production. This is how each bottle offers real value.