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Our winery is located in the heart of Bihor County, Transylvania. Familia Darabont wines are perfect representations of the land we live in and the production philosophy we live by. This region has a long history of cultivating red and white grapes thanks to a soil composition and climate conditions that are simply made for producing high quality wines. On our vineyards we work hard to ensure each variety reaches its maximum potential, making our wines truly special.

People, vineyards, soil and climate – these are the key ingredients that can make or break a wine. Sheer ambition and creativity are not enough to redefine a classic, however. Accomplishing that requires deep roots planted in strong soil. It takes experience, knowledge and pride in the work done.

Our gradually expanding wine selection is divided into the following 4 categories:

DA-RA-BO-NT is our family’s first wine range. Through these signature wines you can get acquainted with the specifics of the Biharia region and our approach to winemaking. The wines in this selection are fresh, rich and sealed with a screw cap, designed for immediate consumption.

Mezzin is a range of sparkling wines, the first of its kind in Bihor County. The selection includes white and rosé wines, enriched with carbon dioxide. They are fresh, light and the perfect accompaniments to a savory meal or a meeting with friends.

Sprizz is another innovation of our family. With this range we aim to topple taboos concerning wine spritzers. The white and rosé assortments, launched in the summer of 2021, are low alcohol wines with only 6% alcohol volume, packaged in neat doses, excellent for outdoor get-togethers.

Urme is the second wine-range for our family, expressing our potential as producers and that of the region we come from. Urme wines are designed for gastronomic consumption, dedicated to the HoReCa sector and specialty stores.


The perfect combination of passion, identity and tradition, these wines are obtained from white grapes, cultivated on our vineyards. Carefully harvested and vinified for a fresh aroma. Depending on the vintage, our DA category has varietal wines (from a single grape variety) and also blends.


Obtained from white grapes and vinified using red wine techniques, these wines get their name from their peculiar hue. The orange color is a consequence of the must and the grape skin being in contact for an extended time. It is a bold wine, far from the ordinary and can only be obtained in specific years. At Biharia, we make Orange Wines from Riesling de Rhin.


Our rosé wines are exclusive to this range. Each year we use different grape varieties depending on the characteristics, the quality and the quantity of a year’s harvest. These wines are best compared to their French relatives: they are light, with notes of red fruits and moderate acidity.


This range is dedicated exclusively to red wines, fresh, and fruity ones at that. They are best consumed with simple dishes or just by themselves. Depending on the harvest year, the grape varieties you find in this range greatly vary, making these wines even more adventurous.