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On more than 40 hectares (99 acres) family vineyards are arranged on 18 well-separated plots, just a few kilometers out of Oradea. Being mostly young vines planted in 2016 and 2017, we have selected a multitude of different types of grapes.

The character of Darabont wines is given by the priceless terroir. The history of our slopes, the treasures, and the traditions of our ancestors are passed on through the unique soil of Biharia to our vines, being transformed into delicious grapes that reveal their secrets only inside your glass.

Located at the border of three quiet villages, our vineyards are embraced by nature’s beauty – spectacular biodiversity: pheasants, rabbits, deer, and a multitude of friendly bird species, which are everyday visitors of our land.

We invite you to explore the Darabont domain using the interactive map below and if you want to know more, come visit us. Our wines can be discovered only one way: with the first sip of a Familia Darabont wine.